Certified Transmission Certicare Inspection

Certi-Care Evaluation

Schedule Certi-Care Transmission Inspection at our Certified Transmission transmission shop. Certified Transmission offers the Certi-Care Evaluation at any of our 5 transmission shops in the Kansas City area. The Certi-Care Evaluation is a multi-point diagnostic inspection that assists our 5 Kansas City area shop technicians to quickly identify and isolate what may be causing your transmission problem. Customers who come to our shop in Kansas City are glad to learn that over 66% of vehicles that have the Certi-Care Evaluation do not need a major transmission repair or replacement.

The exclusive Certi-Care Evaluation at our 5 shop locations in the Kansas City area includes the following checks:

  • Transmission fluid quality & level
  • Transfer case & differential fluids
  • Performance road test to check the following:
    • Initial Engagement(s)
    • Each Drive Range
    • Upshift Timing & Quality
    • Downshift Timing & Quality
    • Passing Gear
    • Torque Converter Clutch (TCC) Engagement
    • Neutral & Reverse
    • Noise(s)
    • Vibration
    • 4x4 Performance
    • Park Hold

The Certified Transmission Certi-Care Evaluation also involves placing the vehicle on a lift to further inspect the controls located underneath the vehicle for possible causes of the transmission problem that may be externally related. These include:

  • Shift Cable / Linkage
  • Vacuum Connections
  • TV/Detent Linkage & Cable
  • Engine Performance
  • Harness & Ground Connections
  • Engine Idling
  • Transmission Mounts
  • Final Drive
  • Shafts & Axles
  • CV Joints & U-Joints
  • Fluid Retention
  • Pan Gasket
  • Wire Condition
  • Trouble Code Computer Scan

Quite often many of a vehicle's transmission problems can be found with the initial Certi-Care Evaluation process described above. In the event the initial measures described above do not pin-point a transmission problem, the technician at our 5 Kansas City area Certified Transmission shop locations will not suggest a remanufactured transmission until we know the precise cause of the problem.

When the initial Certi-Care Evaluation does not identify the problem our technician will use begin an advanced computerized process to isolate the problem. Transmission problems that can not be identified with an external inspection may be originating from the vehicle's highly complex computerized system. For example it may be possible that the transmission is not receiving the correct signal from the vehicle's computer. The Certi-Care Evaluation's computerized diagnostic service is performed to see if an electronic component is responsible for an improper shifting or overall performance.

The technician will use a computerized diagnostic tool known as a "scanner" to receive any "trouble codes" from the vehicle's major computerized systems related to the transmission that may be affecting the drive-ability. When the scanner is notified of a trouble code, that code is matched against Certified Transmission's comprehensive and industry leading vehicle manufacturer database.