Certified Transmission understands the importance of finding a well-trained & qualified automotive transmission technician in the Kansas City area. This is why our expert transmission technician staff is professionally trained and certified. Each transmission repair expert on our team strives for excellence in every automotive repair service our company offers.

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Overland Park Store913 901 9600

Picture of Barry Jensen
  • Barry Jensen
  • Store Manager
Picture of Mike Prendergast
  • Mike Prendergast
  • Technician
Picture of Carmen Klaber
  • Carmen Klaber
  • Diagnostician
Picture of Randy Byrant
Randy is the Diagnostician at the Liberty location. He has been with certified transmission since 2013 and in the automotive industry for 26 years. Randy is also an expert R&R technician and has also been a rebuilder. He also enjoys spending his free time working on cars.
Picture of Scott Diede
  • Scott Diede
  • Sales

Olathe Store913 829 3388

Picture of Andrew Hardisty
I have been with Certified Transmission since 2013. I am happily married and have been with my wife for 10 years. We have 3 dogs (Oscar, Tyson, and Spud).I enjoy taking long road trips on my Harley Davidson and hunting as much as possible.
Picture of David Anderson
David Anderson's profile is being updated.
Picture of Caleb Williams
Caleb has been a automotive enthusiast for several years all starting by is project Camaro in high school. On his free time Caleb likes to play disc golf, attend sporting events and be in the company of his friends and family.
Picture of Darrell Puls
Darrell began his transmission repair career in 2000 as an installation technician at the age of 17. In 2003 Darrell enlisted in the United States Navy where he applied his mechanical skill set as an Engineman for six years. Darrell proudly served in two combat deployments and learned all he could from his experiences and mentors.Upon returning home to the Kansas City area, he resumed working in transmission repair and completed a bachelor's degree in Organizational Leadership. An ASE certified technician, Darrell enjoys his days with Certified Transmission as a Diagnostician.When not at work, Darrell can be found gardening, rough housing with his two kids, and trying to convince his wife of the necessity of yet another tool purchase.
Picture of Kevin Brown
Kevin been working in the auto industry for over 20 years and has been with Certified Transmission for over eight years. Kevin started working at our Gladstone location and three years ago was transferred to our Olathe location. Kevin has experience with every make and model of vehicle that comes into our locations. Kevin is an ASE certified technician.

Gladstone Store816 413 0202

Picture of Anthony Kinder
Anthony is the store manager at the Liberty location. He has been with certified transmission since 2011 and been in the automotive industry for 12 years. Exceptional service is his #1 goal. In his free time he enjoys riding his Harley Davidson motorcycle and working on his Ford Lightning.
Picture of Sean Mahoney
Sean started working for Certified Transmission in 2012. He really enjoys the challenges of being a diagnostician at Certified and is constantly looking forward to learning something new. He enjoys spending time with his family.
Picture of Daniel Skinner
Dan attended Longview community college for the automotive technology program. He grew up in family-owned machine shop and was a general auto repair shop owner for 15 years. In total Dan has 24 years in the automotive repair field. Hobbies include drag racing, classic car restoration, restomod fabrication, hunting, and fishing.
Picture of Loc Lam
Loc is an ASE Certified automotive transmission technician, and has been in the transmission industry for over 15 years. Loc is an excellent technician and takes pride in his work. Loc can also road test and diagnose vehicles when necessary. Loc was recently married and just returned from Vietnam with his new bride. Loc is fluent in English and Vietnamese. He likes to travel and spend time with his family on vacation. He has great family values and like to do everything he can for them.

Grandview Store816 765 7790

Picture of Scott Thibault
Scott's favorite quote is "There is no right way to do the wrong thing". Exceptional service is Scott's #1 goal. Scott has been with Certified Transmission for over 17 years Scott has ran three different locations in those seventeen years. Scott enjoys helping people and wants to make a difference. Scott is also an ASE Certified Technician and has been a business owner and owned Great Scott Automotive in South Kansas City for many years. In his spare time Scott enjoys working in the yard and garden. He has been married for almost 40 years to the same bride. He loves spending time with his kids and grand kids. If you ask him about his faith he will share it with you.
Picture of Chuck Green
  • Chuck Green
  • Service Adviser
Picture of Dan Frazier
Dan has been in the automotive industry over thirty years and is also a ASE Certified Master Technician. Dan has a college background in electronics engineering and he has been able to stay on top of the game as far as diagnostics and computer controls, and am excited to be working with some of the best professionals in our industry . If you have a challenging problem Dan has the expertise to find and fix the problem. When you are looking for the tech that can figure out what is wrong with your automatic transmission, Dan is the guy.
Picture of Keith Allen
  • Keith Allen
  • Technician
Picture of Andrew Harbord
  • Andrew Harbord
  • Technician

Independence Store816 252 7868

Picture of Brent Brown
  • Brent Brown
  • Store Manager
Picture of Brian Kling
Brian has been in the auto repair business for 30 years, and in the transmission business for 27 years. Brian attended transmission technical school, and frequently attends training seminars. Brain is A.T.S.G certified, and has special training in Snap-on Tools and computer diagnostics. On his free time Brian likes to ride motorcycles, play softball and attend sporting events.
Picture of Joel Edwards
Joel has been with Certified Transmission for 17 years. On his free time Joel enjoys weight lifting, hunting, church activities and spending time with his wife and 3 children.
Picture of Skylar Crossland
  • Skylar Crossland
  • Technician

Liberty Store816 407 1144

Picture of Greg Harris
Greg is the manager at the Liberty location.He has been with Certified Transmission since 2015.Greg has over 20 years of customer service and management experience.In his free time, he enjoys fishing, golfing, yard work and following the Chiefs and Royals.
Picture of Bobby Eddleblute
Bobby is the service adviser at the Liberty location.He has been with Certified Transmission since 2014 and in the automotive industry for over 20 years.In his spare time he likes all motor sports and spending time with his family.
Picture of Kevin Wayne
Kevin is the diagnostician at the Liberty location.He has been with the company since 2014.Kevin has been in the automotive field for 24 years, specializing in engine, transmission and electrical diagnostics. He is an ASE certified master technician with L1 advanced level diagnostics certification.Kevin has been happily married for the last 20 years and is the proud father of four children.He enjoys spending time with his family at the lake on their boat.
Picture of Noe Acuna
Noe is the newest addition to the Certified Team. He started working on cars as a hobby and enjoys it. He is now specializing in transmissions. He is also a good addition to the Certified Team.

Blue Springs Store816 224 4500

Picture of Mike Kraatz
  • Mike Kraatz
  • Store Manager
Picture of Damian Smith
  • Damian Smith
  • Service Adviser
Picture of Alan Channel
Allen has been in the automotive industry all his life. He worked side by side with his dad in the family business and learned how to repair transmissions at a very young age. He took over the business when his father died. He ran the family business for several years. He then moved on and worked for a GM dealer ship for 5 years before coming to Missouri to be closer to his family. He is a great addition the Certified Team in Blue Springs.
Picture of Jeffrey Dale
  • Jeffrey Dale
  • Technician