Certified Transmission understands the importance of finding a well-trained & qualified automotive transmission technician in the Kansas City area. This is why our expert transmission technician staff is professionally trained and certified. Each transmission repair expert on our team strives for excellence in every automotive repair service our company offers.

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Overland Park
  • Team Member Marquis Ross Marquis Ross
    Marquis Ross
  • Team Member Todd Laprad Todd Laprad
    Todd Laprad
  • Team Member Carmen Klaber Carmen Klaber
    Carmen Klaber
  • Team Member Randy Byrant Randy Byrant
    Randy Byrant
  • Team Member Andrew Hardisty Andrew Hardisty
    Andrew Hardisty
  • Team Member John Arriaga John Arriaga
    John Arriaga
  • Team Member Kevin Brown Kevin Brown
    Kevin Brown
  • Team Member Anthony Kinder Anthony Kinder
    Anthony Kinder
  • Team Member Sean Mahoney Sean Mahoney
    Sean Mahoney
  • Team Member Daniel Skinner Daniel Skinner
    Daniel Skinner
  • Team Member Loc Lam Loc Lam
    Loc Lam
  • Team Member Jacob Morrison Jacob Morrison
    Jacob Morrison
  • Team Member Zack Harkins Zack Harkins
    Zack Harkins
  • Team Member Duane M Duane M
    Duane M
  • Team Member Mike Prendergast Mike Prendergast
    Mike Prendergast
  • Team Member Sean Dunn Sean Dunn
    Sean Dunn
  • Team Member Richard Hart Richard Hart
    Richard Hart
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    JR Shivers
  • Team Member Austin Brown Austin Brown
    Austin Brown
  • Team Member Benjamin Dorsey Benjamin Dorsey
    Benjamin Dorsey
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    Kevin Wayne
  • Team Member Noe Acuna Noe Acuna
    Noe Acuna
  • Team Member Joel Edwards Joel Edwards
    Joel Edwards
Blue Springs
  • Team Member Eric Unrein Eric Unrein
    Eric Unrein
  • Team Member Sterling Umstattd Sterling Umstattd
    Sterling Umstattd
  • Team Member Brent Brown Brent Brown
    Brent Brown